We love being able to do more than one thing at a time. Brandloft can be your one-stop-shop for design, development, and sourcing.


Our design process is multifaceted, yet places an emphasis on helping clients push their designs to new levels. Brandloft’s designers work with clients in a variety of ways, from ensuring that in-house designs are produced according to specification to creating new and inspiring designs.

We release our very own trend collection twice a year, which reflects a strong European influence from Italy and France. At Brandloft we are able to partner with a client’s design team to provide them with innovative fashion ideas, techniques and new designs.

We take pride in our ability to keep clients ahead of the competition by keeping them informed of upcoming styles and trends.


In the development phase of each project, diverse members of the Brandloft team, from fashion designers, product specialists to manufacturers work together to transfer ideas gathered from client consultations to create the first sample.

Since key members of our team are regularly at our manufacturing facilities and are involved at all stages of development, we are better able to bridge the gap between design and production.

Clients are consistently informed and always receive the opportunity for input prior to the final stages of development.


We have established and long-standing partnerships with a wide range of fashion suppliers and manufacturers in China, allowing us to help our European clients to effectively source high-quality fabrics and apparel overseas. We conduct a customized fabric sourcing process for each project to ensure that design specifications are fully met.

With our offshore sourcing capabilities we are able to source fabrics, apparel, and accessories in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our fabric and fashion specialists in Europe and China perform a comprehensive search of suppliers to locate the right fabrics at the right price.