There is no mystery to our process: When customers talk we listen. Building on our empathetic competencies we determine the unique needs and put strategic goals in place to make sure your project is on time and within your budget.

Our Process

We design, develop and source distinctive fashion designs that are reflective and tailored to client specifications. To accomplish this we conduct an initial consultation to review goals, guidelines, and requirements. From there we identify and explore various options before any final decisions are made. The Brandloft ‘difference’ is that we are able to make informed recommendations in adherence to our clients’ needs while evoking a unique, cutting-edge style.

Our Services

We are much more than traditional manufacturers. At Brandloft we offer a suite of specialized and individualized solutions and services from an international team of highly skilled product specialists, designers, and manufacturers who have a knack of anticipating fashion trends. We are able to offer our clients complete access to a dedicated team in both Europe and Asia, providing the following services:

Chart How We Work

Quality Assured

Our projects undergo a thorough planning and monitoring process to ensure that we adhere to costs, time frame, and specific requirements. With a skilled team located both in Europe and Asia, we are able to ensure that production adheres to strict fashion industry standards. Throughout our partnerships we always aim to provide efficient coordination of resources as well as prompt communication.